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Satin Jingle Elf

Satin Jingle Elf

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Satin Jingle Elf

Santa Claus is of course an important figure during Christmas, but even he would tell you that his loyal and dedicated elves are the reason his workshop runs as smoothly as it does! To thank them for all their hard work, we want to make sure they're decked out in the most festive, comfortable, and awesome clothes they can get! For that, look no further than Johnnie Brock's! We've got all sorts of awesome clothes and costumes for elves to wear during the holiday season, like this Satin Jingle Elf outfit from Halco! This satin costume is a long tunic split down the middle into red and green, with the opposite colors on the back! The tunic is trimmed with red and green glitter pom-poms and comes with a matching satin hat complete with a jingle bell on the end! Perfect for holiday parties, working at Santa's village, or just getting into the spirit of the season!

This elf costume is available in Adult and Child sizes!

Johnnie Brock's is one of Santa Claus's favorite spots to shop, whether it's to look for a Halloween costume that's sure to dazzle all of the elves at their annual Halloween party or dressing him in the finest suits you've ever seen in preparation for the big night on Christmas Eve! We carry an extensive catalogue of Santa Suits, boots, hats, beards and wigs, and accessories like Carol Bells and Present Bags that will give the big man everything he needs for his signature look! We even have choices for Mrs. Claus and the elves, too! Stop by Johnnie Brock's for everything you need to get into the spirit this holiday season!


  • Premier quality, professional Satin Elf outfit with pom-poms
  • Matching satin elf hat with attached jingle bell


  • Hat with Jingle Bells
  • Red/Green Tunic with Pom-Poms


1102 Adult One Size

1103 Child Size

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