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Adult Scorpion Costume - Standard Size

Adult Scorpion Costume - Standard Size

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Adult Scorpion Costume

"MOOOORTAAAAAAL KOMBAAAAAT!!!!" This Halloween, step up to the plate and take on any opponent as this classic video game warrior! Known by day as Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion is the most powerful warrior in Japan's Shirai Ryu Ninja Clan, until he was murdered by Sub-Zero. Fueled with rage even in death, Scorpion returned as a Hellspawn to avenge the murders of his wife and son. With a backstory like that, how can you not want to kick some butt dressed as Scorpion? This Adult Men's Scorpion Costume comes with the Scorpion mask with awesome detailing in silver and gold, his yellow tabard with silver accents, belt, and gauntlets!

Halloween is our favorite time of year at Johnnie Brock's! So if you love Halloween as much as we do, or even if you don't, we're here to help you have the best Halloween ever! Whatever costume, style, or character you're looking for, we have it, and with a wig and accessories to match!


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