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Soft Latex Bald Cap

Soft Latex Bald Cap

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Soft Latex Bald Cap

This Soft Latex Bald Cap from Rubie's Costumes full-size Bald Cap made from natural latex and made to be a perfect fit. Perfect to create a bald illusion for a costume party or create a smooth, workable surface to paint over! Just cover the bald cap with a Castor Sealer, allow to dry, set with powder, and you're ready to paint!


Dampen and slick hair back. Fit Bald Cap over the head beginning at the front and pull back to nape area. Cut latex carefully 1/4” to 1/2” beyond the hairline. Fold Bald Cap edge up and apply Spirit Gum to the edge of the cap. Be careful to avoid hairline! Wait a few seconds for glue to become tacky, then flip front of cap down and gently press into skin and allow to dry completely.

Have Spirit Gum Remover handy to completely remove adhesive residue off of face.

TIP: To finish the application of the Bald Cap and complete the transformation, use Mask Cover Makeup to blend the edges and match the skin.


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