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Stage Blood

Stage Blood

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With vivid pigmentation and lifelike viscosity, you'll almost swear Ben Nye Stage Blood is real! Perfect for any genre, whether it's for a gory scene or a dramatic tragedy, you will get just the appearance you're looking for. Ben Nye Stage Blood is Corn syrup based and peppermint-flavored, so it's safe to use in the mouth for your most dramatic scenes yet. Stage Blood will wash off of most fabrics and surfaces, though we recommend spot testing before use.



  • Aprox. 12-30 applications per ounce
  • Safe for mouth use
  • Peppermint flavor



  • 0.5oz/14ml (SB-2): (Aprox. 6-15 applications )
  • 1oz/29ml (SB-3): (Aprox. 12-30 applications)
  • 2oz/60ml (SB-4): (Aprox. 24-60 applications)
  • 4oz/118ml (SB-45): (Aprox. 48-120 applications)
  • 8oz/236ml (SB-5): (Aprox. 96-240 applications)
  • 16oz/473ml Jug (SB-6): (Aprox. 192-480 applications)

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