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Superman Child Cape

Superman Child Cape

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Kids Deluxe Superman Cape

Clark Kent, the mild-mannered Journalist for the daily paper "The Metropolis" changes into the famous DC Comics superhero Superman, whenever danger prevails. Swapping the glasses for a cape, he takes on the villains of his town, like Lex Luther. Born Kal-El from the planet Krypton he boasts super-natural abilities including strength, speed, hearing, the ability to fly and X-Ray vision. While stealthily trying to maintain his cover as a reporter, Clark has a deep love interest in his colleague Lois Lane, the only person to learn of his true identity. He is the ultimate superhero!

If your child want to be the most powerful superhero in the world this Halloween, then the Kids Deluxe Superman Cape is a perfect accessory for DIY Superman costumes and accessory for any dress up! This Superman cape is based on the cape Henry Cavill wore as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Have some friends and family that want to save Metropolis too? Check out all of our Superman costumes and accessories for kids and adults to make the perfect group or family costume! Also take a look at our large collection of DC Superheroes too!


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