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Costume Culture (Franco)

That 70's Guy Wig - Brown

That 70's Guy Wig - Brown

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Brown That 70's Guy Wig

Whoa, totally gnarly, dude! Check out this awesome That 70's Guy wig from Franco for your next Halloween transformation! This awesome wig is an amazing, 70's hairstyle that will look great whether you're a Hippie guy or a Disco Dude! This brown wig comes with tight curls and longer sideburns on the side! Groovy!

For best results and making sure your wig stays in place all day or all night, grab a Wig Cap!

From cute to sexy, realistic to hilarious, Franco has all sorts of awesome, amazing wigs for the mane event this Halloween! These wigs are great for Halloween parties, cosplays, Renaissance Faires, stage and screen performances, and much, much more! With these wigs, you won't have to do any restyling and they can be worn right out of the bag! If you want to style a Franco wig, avoid heating elements and use steam instead!

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