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Jacobson Hats

Tin Man Hat

Tin Man Hat

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Having the right hat for the job is very important! If your job happens to be chopping down trees in the forrest of a magical land, this is the hat for you. An outdoor job may call for working in all types of weather. Being made of certain metals may become a problem on rainy days. You definitely would not want to become rusted, who knows how long you could be stuck! This plastic silver funnel hat is sure to protect at least your head from even becoming slightly rusted. Measuring 8" in diameter and 7" tall, this hat fits most adults and some children to complete their tin suited costume. As you swing at trees with your axe, it sure would be unfortunate if your hat fell off every time. Thankfully, this hat features an elastic strap to go under the chin, keeping it in place for any adventure you may go on. We've heard there is a brick road that leads to a wizard who can grant your wishes. Who knows, maybe you will meet some new friends along the way!

Whether this costume is from The Wizard of Oz or the beloved remake, The Wiz, you'll look right at home in Oz!


Adult - One Size Fits Most


  • Silver Plastic funnel hat
  • Attached elastic chin strap
  • Measures 8" in diameter and 7" tall
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