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Tooth Color

Tooth Color

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Tooth Color:

Ben Nye Tooth Color will give your character dimension down to the last detail. Paint over dry teeth to create all kinds of details for whatever your character calls for. Use Black to paint on gaps or chips in teeth, or brush on Nicotine for a yellowed look. Zombie Rot is a green stain for teeth that look like they've been gnawing through flesh, and Decay is a red-orange color perfect for creating a withered and dying look to your character's teeth. This realistic color will last for hours and won't stain denture material!



Rub teeth dry with a tissue or towel and brush or paint over teeth. Keep mouth open to allow to dry.



Removes easily with a cotton swab and alcohol or with toothpaste and a toothbrush!




  • .125fl.oz./7ml.
  • Aprox. 20-50 teeth per bottle
  • Available in four colors (Black, Nicotine, Zombie Rot, and Decay)
  • Won't stain denture material
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