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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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Kid's Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

Wonder Woman is a strong, powerful, and amazing female role-model for everyone. She fights for freedom and injustice whenever she sees it. Wonder Woman fights with a sword, shield, the Lasso of Truth, wears the Bracelets of Submission (which can deflect bullets), and flies in an Invisible Plane. If you believe that your little one is destined to become an amazing human, then Wonder Woman should be their role model! Check out this Kids Wonder Woman Costume! This costume is based on the DC's 2017 blockbuster superhero movie, Wonder Woman, where Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman. This Girls Wonder Woman Halloween costume comes with a dress, belt, gauntlets, tiara, and arm bands. Complete the costume with Wonder Woman's sword, shield, and Lasso. Have some friends or family that want to save the world too and make the perfect group costume? Check out all of the Wonder Woman adult and kids costumes here! Also look at all of our DC Characters!


  • Dress
  • Belt
  • Gauntlet
  • Tiara
  • Arm Band


Small, Medium, & Large


Wonder Woman Movie

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